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Only If Alams Were Robin Hood

Arising from envy and greed is the cursed seed of corruption. We all read of Cain and Abel, and later of Jacob and Esau…….and other multitude of people satisfied, or rather never satisfied, in enriching themselves with the sweat and … Continue reading

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Winning The Mobile Number Portability War

In the days of the gladiators in the colosseums of the ancient Rome, it is a sin to floor your opponent and not strike him dead to the euphoric noise of the spectators. To the crowd, it’s entertainment; but to … Continue reading

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A pin nu ‘ya: Happy New Year’s Homophone?

It is common place, in my area of Nigeria, to hear or read locals Yorubanize some English words or phrases. Such pronunciations may sometimes be due to contempt or sheer mockery; while at times, illiteracy or ignorance may be the … Continue reading

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Employee’s Remorse And What To Do About It

Getting an offer of employment, or being just employed may come with excitement and celebrations. It may also come with nostalgia and some teeth grinding. Just like some people experience buyer’s remorse when they make a purchase and later detest … Continue reading

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Why Aliens Visit Us

If you have read Sidney Sheldon’s Doomsday Conspiracy, you might have come across reasons to believe extraterrestrial beings – aka Aliens – sometimes or regularly visit our Earth. Regardless the import of the sci-fi movies – e.g. Will Smith starred … Continue reading

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Why Nigeria Telcos Lost Mobile Money To The Banks

It is a service that has been proven to assist in bills payment, airtime purchase, funds deposit and withdrawal, and importantly money transfers especially between remote locations. Mobile money – a service expected to bring the unbanked populace into the … Continue reading

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