Why Aliens Visit Us


Flying Saucer

If you have read Sidney Sheldon’s Doomsday Conspiracy, you might have come across reasons to believe extraterrestrial beings – aka Aliens – sometimes or regularly visit our Earth. Regardless the import of the sci-fi movies – e.g. Will Smith starred Men In Black and Independence Day – depicting the possible activities of the aliens here; you might want to believe the crap (or not) if you come across the claims of groups like the Jill Tarter led SETI (Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence) regarding the existence, and the visitation of the aliens.

It has always been said, just like Sidney noted in the book, that the main reason governments refuse to confirm the visitations of the aliens and rather cloak the whole stuff in secrecy is ‘not to cause panic’ in people. It has also been suggested; believing the aliens are here for invasion and domination; that another reason is that authorities are unwilling to admit the existence of a force against which there are “no possibility of defense”. It therefore strikes me when the Russian Prime Minister, Medvedev, in this recent interview, jokingly or deliberately alluded and admitted to the existence of these beings, and in fact their visitations citing secret files filled of such. Now, it’s either the mood of the people have been gauged in that they would not be thrown into frenzy (with that admission – and really, not many people cared anyway) or the world now has enough weapons and technology to defend its civilization.

It would not be out of place then to seek the essence of the aliens’ visits. To what do we owe the nocturnal, or whenever, visits? O ye Aliens! What seeketh thou?

While one saucer flew around us at supersonic speed, imagine this conversation within the occupiers who only communicate via telepathy. “These earthlings are complicating their own existence” so thought Yarn, an occupier in an insignia-less space ship. “They are yet to fully realize that all creations have one soul, that the ecosystem of the universe binds us all together………..in fact the essence of their existence still elude them” replied Bjern, the wide eyed second occupant. “They have been corrupting the ether, mainly transmitting wicked, violent and even murderous thought forms to the exclusion of thoughts of positive creativity and industry.” it added.

While the ship scampered over Europe, entering the Middle East en-route Africa; Yarn sputtered “they engage in nationalistic, racial and religious discrimination with putrid hatred resulting in needless killings spilling that sacred blood, they remain oblivious to the implication of The Lord’s proclamation that if He had willed, He would have created everyone with same belief, race and tongue…….He prefers diversity, and so it has always been, face it Earthlings. No wonder they keep believing we are here to conquer them, imagine the fabric of their thoughts…..so shallow they are”.

Then, Vrouch, the third occupant, who has previously kept to himself, interjected “it’s more annoying when you see them competing on individual and national levels when it comes to ideas and solutions, and unfortunately, they hardly get it…..they keep forgetting that collaboration and cooperation are what underpin the universe. They always greedily squander their resources, yet chanting scarcity….when abundance is what is really provided for them.” it sighed, and continued (repeating Sidney’s line) “they keep destroying their planet, needlessly heating it up, killing themselves with controllable gas emissions and other wastes……..earthlings are so destructive going by the rate of deterioration I observe each time I fly around here, we must impress good lessons into them.”

“If not for the feelings of starvation and oppression oozing from their planet from the masses, we would not have appreciated the amount of corruption pervading their lives, how do you explain N5trn disappearing from the watchful eyes of the guardians of that entity called Nigeria or their ostentatious lifestyles pushing the masses deeper into the abysmal pit of poverty and depression, yet they cry ‘limited supply of resources’.” concluded Yarn as the ship sped through the heart of Africa into space for the umpteenth time.

It’s much reasonable, for me, to flow with Jill Tarter – over the apprehensive view of Stephen Hawking, who opined to the possible enslavement of our species should the extraterrestrial beings invade – that the aliens’ mission here is to exhort man to peace, tolerance, cooperation and service. Man’s planet is truly imploding, not only from the reported climatic changes resulting from his handiwork, but through self butchering, genocide and corruption. The world leaders (political, religious and business) should rather listen to the aliens, and learn from their feet. And if the leaders would remain obstinate, the aliens may administer the treatment given to Admiral Whittaker in that Sidney’s book; take them up for training. Surely, the world needs peace.

Share your view on the aliens’ visitation to the earth by dropping your comments below.

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