Israel-stine: Toys Tests and Ceasefires

Israel-Palestine Land MapYou may sometimes wonder whether the scientific explanations of the rumbling thunders or lightnings in the skies could be entirely true. Perhaps the noise are the sound of various weapons of war being used by extra-terrestrial beings to settle conflicts. Maybe the universe is supposed to be enmeshed in confusion, violence and bloodshed. The on going Syrian revolution notwithstanding, the just ceased Israel-Palestine (or rather, Hamas) exchanges of fire, and previous altercations of similar forms continue to show the ease with which human’s frequency of peace can be changed to that of violence.

It’s truly a sensitive and complex issue to write about considering the religious and nationalistic dimensions added on to the conflict making it not only a regional concern but a global one. You may go through a multimedia of the Crisis Guide here. I used to wonder whether a single drop of blood would have been shed if it were the Roma people that were made to settle in the area in 1947; but Jews? No way!

Maybe the process of settling the people of Israel in that zone was faulty, maybe there was no proper consultation and agreement with the Palestinians on ground, maybe the UN had ulterior motives in the Jewish resettlement, maybe the “Zionists” truly have the agenda to usurp the whole land; the conflict is really getting too old. There is an urgent need to save the land and the future generations from the seething hatred, poverty, fear and warfare (mental and physical) currently pervading the region. People desire lasting peace where there could be proper development of both land and people instead of the recurring interchanges of violence and lulls.

The just ceased imbroglio was highly unnecessary and ill timed. It got escalated with the Israel’s assassination of Ahmed Al-Jabbari (former military head of Hamas) who was reportedly just offered a peace plan meditated by Egypt. The violence however only gave both parties the chance to test their new weapons or defense mechanisms. Israel tested its drone with precision bombing, while Hamas was able to confirm that the newly acquired long range rockets can now reach Tel Aviv from Gaza, that was never achieved in the long history of rocket firing. Israel also re-tested and confirm the capability of the Iron Dome defense system with respect to barrages of rocket – only a third of all Qassam rockets fired were intercepted, and 85 – 90% success rate in destroying the intercepted rockets. Even, the COLOR RED rocket warning phone app came to the fore during the struggle; unfortunately aside the buzzing of the drones over their roofs, there was nothing to warn the Gazans of any impending bomb or bullet.

Billions of dollars were used in the development and production of drones and defense system on the Israeli side, while significant amount would also be expended to acquire all the new Grad launchers, guns and maybe stones on the Palestinian side……to what end? To extirpate the other party, in spite of several moves and plans by both international and regional bodies to normalize relations and ensure peaceful coexistence.

There have been initiatives, accords, processes and maps designed by governments and bodies to ensue peace, all rejected by either or both parties altogether. Whether the leaders of the two parties like it or not anyway, the people’s choice of the willingness to live side by side as two states must be respected. Majority of Israelis and Palestinians, in a poll Israel-Palestine: 2 States in Peaceconducted in 2007, had already stressed their readiness to sheathe the swords and live in peace. One very good plan which can be reviewed and implemented is the Fahd’s plan of 1982, enhanced and re-presented as Saudi Plan in 2002, and re-presented again at the Riyadh’s summit of 2007. It is a plan underpinning the UN resolutions 242 and 338 which require both parties to revert to pre-1967 war arrangement, and a Palestinian state in the West Bank and Gaza in return for peace and right to live for Israel. The plan; though had support of the Arab league, Europe and even US; could not work because there was no sufficient guarantee for Israel’s security. That solves it!

Thankfully the direction of the Obama administration in resolving the conflict is to largely involve the regional powers for which Qatar, Saudi and Egypt are responding to. So guys, pick up the Saudi plan and polish it with some significant guarantee for the security of the state of Israel, and let peace reign. Israel should also come to the table with assurances for the “refugees”. We know it’s easier said, but you all know that in almost 70 years of the struggle, violence has brought nothing good. People are tired of the incessant fires and ceasefires. It’s time to engage in true and sincere negotiations with readiness for compromise for the sake of the children, women and youths who have known nothing in their entire existence but violence. Peace!

Share your thoughts on the way forward for the region by dropping your comments below.

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