Only If Alams Were Robin Hood

Arising from envy and greed is the cursed seed of corruption. We all read of Cain and Abel, and later of Jacob and Esau…….and other multitude of people satisfied, or rather never satisfied, in enriching themselves with the sweat and rights of others. A cancer spreading throughout the tissues of the Nigerian nation culminating in the Transparency International crowning us the 35th most corrupt nation in the world.

In truth, not many people really believe in the anti-corruption crusades of the recent  governments, but virtually everyone agrees that whoever (no matter highly placed) is tried and convicted of economic crimes by the commission (EFCC) actually has some skeletons in his cupboard. Of course, we all know that there are many not, or never, to be “caught” nor “tried” by virtue of their affiliations and good ball playing. Such is the playing field of Nigeria, and many nations in the continent.

However, for the former Bayelsa state’s governor; Diepreye  Alamieyeseigha; who has been convicted both here and elsewhere, to secure a state’s pardon as recently announced, it signified the final nailing on the anti-corruption efforts of the government. Well, that’s at least in the eyes of the masses whose rights and resources were pillaged, squandered and laundered.

On the other hand, if our looting leaders were Robin Hood-esque in disposing their affairs anyway, the masses could rather have been thrown into huge jubilation with that Alam’s announcement. Robin Hood, that medieval English hero, who was stealing from the rich and the king to feed his “merry men” in the Sherwood Forest of Nottinghamshire was granted state pardon by King Richard after his return from the crusade having confirmed Robin’s loyalty. The whole town was thrown into euphoria not only because of the pardon but the re-absorption of their hero into nobility.

So, instead of that disbelief, disappointment, rage and outcry that greeted the Alams’ announcement, it could have been celebration time if he had been like Hood making the “loot” go round. In an earlier post (Looting African Leaders Are So Foolish), we asked the looting leaders to put smile on our faces and those of our children by investing “their loot” here at home and that the leaders might be forgiven and even praised. The call still holds, and others should take note.

The cycle however continues and it’s now “officially” written in black and white : “It’s a sin to be incorruptible in Nigeria”.

Share your thoughts on the effects of Alams’ pardon by dropping your comments below

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